#044: Over Delivering on Hospitality w/ Danny Lehr

#044: Over Delivering on Hospitality w/ Danny Lehr

You probably know this week’s guest, Danny Lehr. He’s the owner of Caffeine and Kilos and a box owner who just celebrated a decade of success and impact.

One of his secrets to sustainable success and a fulfilling career is that he goes out of his way to make his gym hospitable. On this show, he’ll go through a few ways in which he makes this mantra a priority among his coaches and builds it into the tangible and intangible experiences.

He says there are 2 ways to grow a gym membership. You can get more people in the front door or you can block the back door. On other words, you can focus on getting more new members or you can focus on member retention. He and his team decided to focus on the later and it’s worked great! Once a month, Danny’s gym does an activity outside of the gym like a Christmas party, bowling night, or laser tag. Once that was like clockwork, they moved on to solidifying the introductions.

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This show was recorded live in The Network on Friday, Aug 10, 2018. 

Making people feel welcome is how you grow your community. If people don’t feel welcome, they’re not going to be comfortable. And if they’re not open and making new friends at your gym, they might as well join the big box down the street. We’re at the premium end of the spectrum when it comes to charging people for a gym membership so the perceived value must be totally elevated as well. It all starts when people call to sign up.

Danny’s gym has a dedicated person committed to sales, but they call him the client ambassador. He’s the one who contacts leads from the start. When they come in, the client ambassador does an intro with the lead and then he follows up with them as they go along. As they start on-ramp with another coach, he meets with them and the other coach for a formal introduction.

To elevate the experience even further, the first time they join the regular classes, he’s there to introduce them to that coach and actually runs that first 5 minutes of class with an icebreaker to make sure the new members get to know people in that class. The client embassador continues to follow up with them for the first 6 months to ensure they’re having the very best experience possible.

Since Danny implemented this strategy in Nov 2017, his increase of new members has doubled on a monthly basis. 2/3 times the new members joining since this new system. They just feel like they’re being well taken care of and get that premium experience they’re paying for. This is a great strategy for stacking lifers!

Instead of just having members who are happy enough to stick around, you create raving fans who buy your products, your premium services, and invite their friends and family.

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