Ep 095: Creating (or fixing!) Your Gym’s Financial Strategy

Ep 095: Creating (or fixing!) Your Gym’s Financial Strategy

Money tends to be a pretty stressful subject for a lot of gym owners, but that can all change today. ON THIS EPISODE, WE’LL COVER:

  • Common reasons why finances are stressing you, gym owners, out
  • What numbers you should focus on in your business
  • A review of a practical exercise we take our gym owner clients through to map out their gym’s finances that make next steps to growth obvious and achievable.

This show was recorded live in The Network on Friday, July 26th, 2019. 

Jessica Depatie About the author

Jessica is the marketing maven here at Gymwright. She's a business consultant and holistic marketer for fitness businesses. She specializes in the decision-making psychology of what makes everyday people want to optimize themselves. She dives deep into how people seek out growth in the pursuit of living happier and healthier.

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