#052: 16 New Members in 7-Weeks with “No Marketing”

#052: 16 New Members in 7-Weeks with “No Marketing”

It’s been 7 weeks since Rachel (co-owner of Amnesty CrossFit) started the Foundations Program. They already have 16 new members of the highest quality who are integrating into the community like they’ve been there for years (her words, not ours). “They feel like family already and they’ve hardly been there for a month,” says Rachel.

In addition, the leads that are coming into her gym are much more frequently at an average of 4 a week with “no marketing” (again her words, not ours). She attributes that to the systems she’s put in place from the Foundations Program. 

Today we interview Rachel to give us her honest review of the Program. This is the perfect time to see if this is what your gym needs.

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This show was recorded live in The Network on Friday, Sept 28, 2018. 


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