#063: How to Hire (and Fire) Coaches Like a Pro

#063: How to Hire (and Fire) Coaches Like a Pro

How do you hire the best possible coaches and staff to lead your business to success? AND how do you fire the ones that aren’t quite right for your gym?
There can be MAJOR repercussions 🙅from a bad hire.

These are questions that we hear all the time, because building and managing a top-tier team isn’t always as easy as it looks.
In the fitness business, your team essentially IS your “product”…

…So if everyone isn’t rowing in the same direction, you could be putting your whole business at risk. 😷

This week on Gymwright LIVE, we interview Jim Crowell, CEO of OPEX, to learn how to hire and fire like a pro, so you can start DELEGATING and working on the long-term success of your gym.

In this show, you’ll learn:·

  • How mission and vision plan into the hiring process
  • Tips on crafting the perfect job posting to bring in the right people
  • The relevance of resumes
  • Comp and payment structures that align with the new hire
  • How to know when it’s time to fire someone
  • How to deal with the tough emotions that come from firing

Join us every Friday at 10 a.m. PT on The Network where we’ll be airing live. Be sure to stick around for the live Q&A session at the end of the show so we can answer any questions you have.

This show was recorded live in The Network on Friday, Dec 21, 2018. 

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Jessica is the marketing maven here at Gymwright. She's a business consultant and holistic marketer for fitness businesses. She specializes in the decision-making psychology of what makes everyday people want to optimize themselves. She dives deep into how people seek out growth in the pursuit of living happier and healthier.

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