#035: How to Be Your Own Gym’s Influencer

#035: How to Be Your Own Gym’s Influencer

This week on Gymwright LIVE, we have special guest Kenny Santucci of Solace New York on to discuss the benefits of being your own gym’s influencer. Kenny has a 6th sense for what people want and is able to deliver it in a way that’s still unique to the vision of their gym. This will definitely be a great show for anyone who’s looking to step up their game.

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This show was recorded live in The Network on Friday, June 8, 2018. 

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3:45 Be your own gym’s influencer

Kenny runs Solace New York, one of the top fitness operations in New York which is a titanic thing to be. Kenny attributes the success to 1) truly wanting to deliver the best product out there and 2) being an influencer of his gym.

He wants his members to be able to say, “I go to the best gym. I have the best facility.” And to do that, you can give yourself permission to be selfish that you want to be the best. He is extremely receptive to what his members ask for and has no problem spending his own money to create the best experience for his community. If his community wants something, he makes it happen because if one person wants it, 10 other people likely want it also.

His other suggestion is to be the influencer of your own gym. In doing that you will form your own tribe. They want to fall in line with what you’re doing because you’re someone they look up to. It’s a matter of being in this business because you want people to achieve their highest potential which drives your decision-making and as we mentioned in last week’s show with Ashleigh VanHouten, being an example of what you want your members to do is the most powerful way to motivate them.

Image Credit: Solace New York

16:30 Create a unique class YOU love

Kenny suggests looking for inspiration from the collective’s favorite aspects of other forms of training to create something new for your gym – something that you would love to take. Creating variety will keep your members interested in your gym beyond their interest in functional fitness.

Kenny’s Build Program is becoming the most popular class at his gym. He combined body building, HIIT, powerlifting and some very basic olympic lifting which in itself doesn’t sound very revolutionary – but what is, is the way he presents it to his members. This class is what he actually does to stay in the shape he’s in. Because he strives to walk the talk, creating his system to be a class for the public is inline with his culture.

Image Credit: Solace New York

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