#039: How to Become a Leader of Leaders

#039: How to Become a Leader of Leaders

Today, we have on a very special guest to discuss how we can all become true leaders of our gyms. Ones who create more leaders — not followers.

We welcome on Aaron Guyett, Marine Corps Combat Instructor, and Combat Veteran and currently a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps Reserves. He founded his gym, Innovative Results, in 2005 and grew it to over 250 members at which point he ran it successfully until he sold it last year.

He joins us on Gymwright LIVE to cover some very important topics on leadership:

  1. The Leaders of Leaders principles and concepts that will help the gym owner take responsibility for the growth and development of his/her people.
  2. Without systems, intention, and discipline, you will not have the freedom you desire.
  3. How to embrace Post-Traumatic Growth. Stress and catastrophic events can be major catalysts in your life.

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This show was recorded live in The Network on Friday, July 6, 2018. Click the video to watch. 

In this article:

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2:30 Why should intentional systematic leadership matter to a gym owner?

We need to be able to lean on people, create systems, create intentionality so we can experience life beyond the daily grind of owning a gym.

It’s impossible to give equal amounts of you to everything in your life which is why Aaron believes “balance is bullshit.” Don’t worry about balance — focus on what’s most important, give it your all, and be willing to intentionally deprioritize some other things in your life.

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9:30 What does it mean to be a good leader?

Leadership is not about garnering followers. Leaders pour themselves into making the people around them better than even themselves. By creating leaders out of their community, they become the most powerful influencers as a result. The most incredibly gifted leaders were individuals who focused on lifting others up. It’s about being a leader of leaders and spending your time giving your people everything you can to help them be their best selves.

An awesome side effect is that your community then will do that same thing as they were coached. That’s how the Leaders of Leaders movement expands.

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12:20 How can someone go about becoming an effective leader?

Aaron sites Dallas Willard’s model of how Christians can go about engaging with God in ways that are transformative as it relates to being an effective leader: Vision, Intention, Means.

If you don’t have an idea of how you want to move and where you want to go, you’re flailing around in a circle. Have a clear vision and figure out what your perfect gym and lifestyle looks like. Without a vision, there can be no tasks to be accomplished. Understand that while it will likely evolve, you have to set it so you can see where you want to go. Notice the value of yourself, your team, and your place in the market.

The vision is the map and intention is the compass. Just wanting to get there isn’t enough — you need to actually make the space to get there. Learn everything you can about getting where you want to go. Seek wise counsel and humble yourself to be a beginner again.

Finally, you need to take action. Aaron stresses the importance of slow and steady progression out wins impatient sprints every single time.

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18:30 How slow and steady wins every time

The story of the tortoise and the hare is life. Slow, steady, sustainable steps are the key. Consistently being able to put out a workable, livable, progressive pace is one of the most powerful superpowers you can have as a business owner.

In working with gym owners, we redirect their focus and help them become healthy again. And when you look at those who are where you want to be, it’s very rarely a meteoric 0-90 success story. Most success stories cover many many years. It’s so easy to get distracted by the shiny claims that say they can help you grow when you’re just not ready for it yet. Slow and steady wins every time.

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23:00 We fall to the level of our training

We tend to think that we will rise to the occasion . . . one day. The problems is, we tend to be overly optimistic or romantic about what the future holds. If human history has taught us anything, it’s that we do not rise to the occasion in superhuman ways — at least not the vast vast majority of us. We fall back to the level of our training and if your training is done to the level of your very best, that’ll be your median operating system.

The intrinsic outpouring that manifests as giving every rep your all starting today at a sustainable pace will get you where you want to go quicker than sprinting your way there when it’s too late.

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33:00 Helpful leadership resources

Battle Ropes Education (Battleropes.org) Subscribe to get free education taught by Aaron on how to use battle ropes in your gym.

The Process (thespecialforcesexperience.com) Post-traumatic Growth event facilitated by tier 1 special forces operators and top civilian experts to put men through stressful situations that can make them better leaders and better men who are great at being men.


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